Compressed Air Treatment & Condensate Management

Committed to delivering quality products and service for the industrial and automated sectors, we offer a wide variety of products including custom design and solutions for your industry. Browse our product categories or simply get in contact with us for your specific requirements. Our service representatives are standing by to help.

  • Parts & Service Solutions

    Our mission is to provide high quality customer service to our customers and build strong customer relationships. In an effort to do so, we offer continuous parts & service solutions for your specific needs.

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  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts

    Preventative maintenance is an effective method for avoiding costly accidents and breakdowns. We offer custom preventative maintenance solutions that meet your specific needs

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  • Air Compressors

    We provide a variety of air compressor solutions based on your specific requirements. We offer the following air compressor options.

    • Belt drive rotary screw air compressors – 3hp to 15hp – CP15 QRS PDF
    • Belt drive rotary screw air compressors – 20hp to 30hp – CP15 QRS & CPVS PDF
    • Belt drive rotary screw air compressors – 40hp to 100hp – CP15 CPCG-CPDG PDF
    • Gear drive rotary screw compressor – 100hto 200hp – CP15 CPE-CPF PDF
    • Variable speed drive rotary screw air compressors – 20hp to 250hp – CP15 CPVS PDF
    • Rotary screw compressor – 350hp to 500hp – CP15 CPG PDF

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  • Oil/Water Separators

    We offer a wide variety of condensate separators, which minimizes the collection and treatment cost of compressed air waste products. Compatible with all compressed air condensate, this universal system can easily be integrated into any compressed air installation. – View PDF

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  • Compressed Air Filters

    To protect your investment, equipment and processes, we offer a complete range of particulate, coalescing and adsorbing filters which efficiently reduce all types of contamination with minimal pressure drop. The innovative filtration solutions will suit the high quality air requirements of your specific process, while protecting your equipment and compressed air network from harmful contaminants.  CP15 Filter Brochure PDF

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  • Air Dryers

    Air dryers are a perfect complement for reciprocating air compressors. With a maximum inlet temperature of 180˚F, no after cooler is required. Included filtration eliminates dirt and oil giving you clean, dry compressed air. We offer a variety of air dryer options including:

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  • Pure Stream Piping

    We design and deliver comprehensive compressed air treatment systems that eliminate the contaminants inherent in compressed air. We strive to provide pure, contamination free compressed air to every point in your plant air system. In order to insure that the delivery of compressed air remains contamination free, we are pleased to add the Purestream Piping system to our product offering.

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